The dam and Lake Vidraru in the Fagaras Mountains

Along Transfagarasan, 40 km away from Curtea de Arges, between the slopes of Pleasa and Vidraru, there is Vidraru Lake and Dam – built between 1960 and 1966, for the production of electricity, irrigation and flood prevention, being now an excellent place and for recreation, tourism and sports, such as the extreme sport of Bungee jumping.

Bungee Jumping
The dam was at the finish date, measured at height, on the 8th place in Europe and on the 20th place in the world. Thousands of people have drifted underground 42-km galleries, one million cubic meters of underground rock, one million cubic meters of concrete poured, and human sacrifices cost over eighty lives.

Between the Frunzi Mountains and the Ghiţu Massif, the rivers Capra, Buda and a few direct tributaries – the River Doamnei, Cernatul and Vâlsanul, Topologul, Valea lui Stan and Limpedea River, have a total flow of about 5.5 m3 / s .

The surface of the lake is 893 ha, the length is 10.3 km, the maximum width is 2.2 km in the Valea Lupului – Călugăriţa Valley and has a circumference of 28 km, and the depth of the water is 155 m near the 166 m high curved dam , with a length of 307 meters.
Vidraru Water volume is 465 million m³, with the retention level being 830,00 meters above sea level (mdM).

Vidraru hydroelectric power plant located underground at 104 meters deep can produce, in an average hydrological year, electricity of about 400 GWh with an installed capacity of 220 MW. Coming from Curtea de Argeş to DN1 (Cârţişoara village, SB), on the road that runs through the Vidraru hydropower plant, on the dam, we see the spectacular Transfăgărăşan (DN7C) on the right of the Vidraru lake, and at night, the contour of the dam can be seen from the plane electric lighting.

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